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Jul. 22nd, 2013 04:45 pm
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I haven't updated any chapters yet because I'm dealing with a minor crisis in my home.  I thought I had a problem with mosquitoes, but it turned out to be bed bugs!  It's horrible and I'm covered in bites and I'm so itchy!  I haven't a clue where they came from.

So we are taking steps to get rid of them; throwing out my mattress, box spring and bed.  Using a type of dirt called diatomaceus earth which is safe for humans and pets but kills bugs.  I'm going through the arduous task of washing all my clothes and bagging them up for a month so my wardrobe is going to be quite thread bare for a while. Then I've got to thoroughly clean my room.  It's been a nightmare; sleeping on the floor/couch.  I still think we have mosquitoes but I can't worry about that now.

I write at my computer; I'm on my husband's while he is at work.  This just happened over the weekend so I'm going to be dealing with it for some time on top of all my other problems.

So my updates will come, I promise, just not as soon as I wanted them too.

Thanks for your understanding.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] cc9095 at 060728 베케이션 / Vacation
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Synopsis: The popular Korean group DBSK was preparing for a concert... It's been already 4 years since they debuted... During that time the members had stress piled up as well as disharmony between them. So the president delays their concert and gives each member 2 weeks of vacation. Each member leaves for their own vacation while dreaming about their daily escape. The strange and funny things that happen during their vacation... An omnibus TV drama with 4 episodes and 4 different colors... [DramaWiki]

Title: 베케이션 / Vacation
Also Known as: Theatrical TV Drama Vacation
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Episodes: 4 + Special
Broadcast network: (Aired at Yunsae University Main Auditorium)
Broadcast period: 2006-07-28 to 2006-08-06
Subtitles: English Subtitles by GOE:SS, tvfxqforever
File Size: ~700 MB

Uploaded by: cc9095 DBSK-JYJ Archive



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