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Listed alphabetically by pairings.
Descriptions still needed.


Sweet Dreams are Made of These
Pairing: Jaemin
Rating: NC-17
Length: Oneshot
Genre: angst, smut


Boys Will Play

Release the Kracken!
Pairings: Minsu, Miyavi ,Gackt
Length : oneshot
Genre: smut, crack, steampunk
Rating: NC-17
Warning: tentacle porn
Dedicated to [info]dandycat
Summary: Changmin and Junsu are sent by T.O.P. to stop the evil Japanese Pirates Gackt and Miyavi, but they get more than what they bargained for.


The Night Shadow
Length: 2 parts
Genre: Science Fiction, DBSK fanfic
Rating: only the intro; some violence/gore
Summary: Humans discover a violent alien race

Part 1 // Part 2

What Fools These Mortals Be
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoomin, Yoosu, YoochunxOC
Length: 3 Chapters
Genre: fluff; Shakespearean in nature
Rating: PG so far

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

What Fools These Mortals Be, THE SEQUEL
1 // 2 Blood // 3 The Shadow Queen // 4 Yoomin // 5 YoochunxOC // 6 The End

The Good, the Bad, and the DBSK
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 The Hideout // Chapter 3 The Departure // Chapter 4 The Homecoming // Chapter 5 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 The Taking of Nellie Parker (incest) // Chapter 8 The Seduction of Nellie Parker // Chapter 9 (incest) // Chapter 10 // Chapter 11 // Chapter 12 // Chapter 13 Love is the Best Medicine // Chapter 14 The Last Ride of the Dong Bang Boys

The Good, the Bad, and the DBSK, THE SEQUEL
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 Captive Hearts // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 Little Rabbit // Chapter 5 The Search for Yoochun // Chapter 6 Show me your Power // Chapter 7 Animal // Chapter 8 Driven by Fate // Chapter 9 Final

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 Final

I Had a Dream…


The Unholy Trio
Pairing: JYJ
Length: ongoing
Genre: Horror, AU, smut, angst
Rating: PG, NC-17
Summary: Three unnatural creatures find solace in each others company

Chapter 1 The Fortune Teller // Chapter 2 Monster // Chapter 3 The Day Walker // Chapter 4 I Dream of Genie // Chapter 5 Monsters are Such Interesting People // Chapter 6 The Curious Corpse in the Tiger's Cage // Chapter 7 Now we are Three // Chapter 8 Closer // Chapter 9 Big Trouble // Chapter 10 Release From this Mortal Coil // Chapter 11 Confessions of a blood sucking vampire // Chapter 12 The Sadness of Time // Chapter 13 The Madness of Junsu // Chapter 14 Magic Carpet Ride // Chapter 15 The Gift // Chapter 16 Foul Deeds Remembered // Chapter 17 The Ungrateful Dead // Chapter 18 The cat and the Bat



Faith No More
Pairings: Minchun
Length: one shot
Genre: angst, violence, rough sex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Changmin has lost his mind over the SME lawsuit and takes his anger out on Yoochun
Caveat: This is going to be harsh and ugly. I apologize to those who prefer fluff.

Ichi, Ni, San
Only the Heavens Know Our Secret

Pairings: Minchun
Length: one shot
Genre: Foreplay, Public sex, Yaoi, Rimming
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yes, you read it right. RIMMING God help me.

Magnae on Top
Have You Seen…?

Kiss Junsu's Ass Goodbye
Pairings: MinChun
Length: one shot
Rated: NC-17
Summary: SuChun is real and Changmin's not happy....

In the Darkness

Little Red Riding Chun
Pairing: Changmin and Yoochun
Length: one shot
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun is a delivery boy who has the shock of his life when he makes a delivery to Grandma's House

In Space, no one can hear you cum...

First Time
Pairings: Yoochun and Changmin
Length: one shot
Rating: R? PG 13? I have no clue!
Summary: Changmin tries to comfort Yoochun during these troubled times.

Pairings: Yoochun and Changmin
Length: one shot
Genre: fluff, romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Changmin's love for Yoochun is brighter than the stars
Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] gompi and all those that 'ship' Yoomin

Always and Forever
Pairing: Yoochun x Changmin
Length: one shot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, angst
Warning: rimming

Pairing: Yoomin
Length: one shot
Genre: horror, smut, angst
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes enemies can be lovers
Part 1 // Part 2


Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Chapter 1//Chapter 2 Don't Take Pity on Me // Chapter 3 The Beast Within // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 An Angel's Love // Chapter 6 Free // Chapter 7 // Fanart // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9 // Chapter 10 An Angel's Prayer

Chapter 11 The Prequel // Chapter 12 Homecoming // Chapter 13 Plight of an Angel // Chapter 14 The Rescue of the Angel // Chapter 15 Sacrafice (Prologue?) // Chapter 16 Sex. blood and magic // Changmin and the Tome of Magic "clean" part // Chapter 17 // Chapter 18 Final


Three's Company


The Porcelain Treasure
Pairing: Yoosu, Yoomin, Yunjae
Length: 12 chapters
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, angst, fantasy, smut
Summary: Kim Junsu, a rich business man, is a toy collector.

Chapter 1 Encased in Glass // Chapter 2 Awakening // Chapter 3 Christmas Present // Chapter 4 Emptiness // Chapter 5 Little Puppet Made of Pine // Chapter 6 Shattered Glass // Chapter 7 Messenger // Chapter 8 Rising Sun (Conclusion)

The Porcelain Treasure: The Sequel
Pairings: Yoosu, Yoomin, Yoosumin
Length: 7 Chapters
Genre: smut, fantasy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Junsu and Changmin try to get Yoochun's identity problems fixed, while the doll struggles with his emotions and adapting to being alive.

Chapter 1 Yoochun is a Real Boy // Chapter 2 License to thrill // Chapter 3 Deadly Dreams // Chapter 4 Blood // Chapter 5 Book of Revelations // Chapter 6 Five are one // Chapter 7 The Awakening

Back to Porcelain Treasure
Chapter 9 Too close for comfort // Chapter 10 Reflection // Chapter 11 Gentlemen, this is my wife // Chapter 12 Atonement

Psycho Killer
Pairings: Yoosu, hints of Yoomin, Jaechun, Yunjae
Length: 13 chapters
Genre: smut, angst, violence
Rating: NC-17
Warning: character death
Summary: Yoochun is a killer; sent to prison, he continues to spiral down the path of destruction and takes everyone with him.
A/N : Parts of the story will be written in each character's POV.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9 // Chapter 10 // Chapter 11 // Chapter 12 // Chapter 13 Conclusion

Jaechun Fic

Forbidden Fruit
Pairing: Jaechun
Length: One shot
Genre: angst
Rating: pg-13?


You're my Girl
Pairing: Yoosu, Suchun
Length: one shot
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Junsu gets a sex lesson from Yoochun he'll never forget

The Voice of an Angel

Pairing: Junchun
Length: one shot
Genre: smut, yaoi, cross dressing
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun catches Junsu watching porn and a devious idea comes into his head.
Warning: rimming

No More Tears
Pairing: Yoosu
Length: one shot
Genre: angst, love, smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: severe Yoochun bias ahead.
Dedicated to Lialuvchun
A/N: Junsu's POV

Pairing: Junchun?
Length: one shot
Genre: smut, crack
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun is a marine biologist and Junsu is the bottlenose dolphin he is studying

The Carnival of Sin and Lust
Pairings: Yoosu, hints of Jaechun
Length: one shot
Genre: smut, angst, the macabre
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Welcome to the macabre world of The Puppet Master as he brings to life his marionettes for your carnal lust and pleasure.

The Hunt
Pairing: Yoosu
Length: one shot
Genre: AU, fantasy, boys love
Rating: NC-17
Summary: During a sacred ritual, younglings go in search of females in the forest.

Death and the Prince (drabble)
Pairing: Yoosu
Length: one shot
Genre: boys love


P.R.O.U.D. (Paranormal Research & Other Unexplained Developments)
Pairings: Yoochun x Female OC, Yoosu
Length: 17 chapters
Genre: Supernatural, angst, violence, smut, BL, Het
Rating: PG, NC-17
Summary: Professor Kim Junsu is head researcher at a secret facility which harbors many dark secrets
Warning: graphic heterosexual scenes which are necessary for the story.
A/N: this was inspired by Hell Boy and my love for all things dark and creepy

Chapter 1 Day One // Chapter 2 Day Two // Chapter 3 Three // Chapter 4 Day Three continued // Chapter 5 Day 4 // Chapter 6 Blinded me with science // Chapter 7 A FIST FULL OF WON // Chapter 8 A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME // Chapter 9 Dreams of Distant Memories // Chapter 10 METAMORPHOSIS // Chapter 11 A demon's dark and eternal love // Chapter 12 The angel opens its eyes // Chapter 13 The Devil's Daughter // Chapter 14 Dance With the Devil // Chapter 15 The Devil Went Down to Busan // Chapter 16 Knife Edge // Chapter 17 Hell to Pay (Conclusion)

Stockholm Syndrome
Pairing: Yoosu
Length: 12 chapters
Genre: smut, violence, revenge
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun wants revenge on Junsu’s adopted father

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9 // Chapter 10 // Chapter 11 // Chapter 12 Conclusion


Pairings: Yoochun x Junyoung
Length: One shot
Genre: masturbation; BL?
Rating: R? masturbation and cursing
Summary: Yoochun really wants to touch himself or is it someone else?

I Have a Name
Pairings: Yoochun x Junyoung
Length: oneshot....for now?
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17

Next Time
Pairings: Yoochun X Junyoung
Genre: smut, yaoi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun continues his pursuit of Moon Junyoung
Caveat: I do not own Yoochun and Junyoung; if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Pairings: Yoochun x Junyoung
Genre: yaoi, smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The love-hate relationship continues.
Caveat: I do not own these two; if I did, I wouldn't be here.

Hero Worship
Pairings: Yoochun x Junyoung
Genre: smut, yaoi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun and Junyoung continue their tumultuous relationship.
Caveat: I don't own these two, but I wish I did; my apologies to all parties involved and ZE:A fans

Pairings: Yoochun x Junyoung
Genre: smut, yaoi
Rating: NC-17
Warning: angst
Summary: Yoochun and Junyoung continues

Smoke and Fire
Pairing: Yoochun x Junyoung
Length: one shot
Genre: smut, angst, boy x boy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun and Junyoung's love/hate relationship continues


Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 End

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The Morning After Continuation of which fic??

Yoochun and Noona // Yoochun and Noona The End?

Make up or Breakup Part 1 // Make up or Breakup Part 2

Part 1 // Part Deux // Part San (3)

Summary: All eyes are on the DBSK vs SME lawsuit, when it's revealed that Micky has a girlfriend. To make matters worse, someone else is scheming to get his claws on the girlfriend and fly her away. Will the evil plot to steal Yoochun's girlfriend succeed? Stay tuned my faithful readers. Same LJ time, Same LJ channel....

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Pairings: Noona x Yoochun; Yoosu
Length: one shot
Genre: angst, smut, unrequited love
Rating: pg-13?
Summary: Noona loves Yoochun; Yoochun's not sure. Yoochun loves Junsu; Junsu's not sure
For sanchi7

Part 1 // Part 2


Best Friends Forever?

When you gotta go, you gotta go
Pairings: Yoochun and....?
Length: one shot
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bathrooms can be scary places.....

Oppa, I want to see it
Pairings: Yoona and Yoochun
Length: one shot
Genre: Het smut and angst
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun finds out the answer to 'Are you a good girl," when Yoona locks him in a vacant office at the SME Building.
Caveat: I do not own Yoochun or Yoona (darn) and there is no evidence to support they are dating. I just loved them in the Anycall Haptic commercials and think they are cute together. Thanks for supporting my delusional mind.

The Prisoner
Pairing: Yoochun x OC
Genre: Het smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun is a prisoner with a major dilemna on his hands...

I Love New York
Pairings: Yoochun x female oc
Genre: smut, fluff
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yoochun takes a bite out of the Big Apple
Caveat: I don't own Yoochun, damn it all to Confederate Hell ( my apologies to ladies and gentlemen of the South).

Freak Show
Pairing: Yoochun and a surprise (no, it’s not me, believe it or not)!
Length: one shot, but long
Genre: smut, het, angst, supernatural, horror, Steam punk
Rating: NC-17
Warning: this is pretty dark and disturbing.
Summary: The local carnival has a dark secret

Be My Girl
Pairing: Yoochun x female oc
Length: one shot
Genre: het; fluff?
Rating: PG-13?
Warning: The story has some angst and sappy feelings.
Summary: What if Yoochun was just an ordinary guy, working a normal job? Would you still want to be his girl?
Written in Yoochun’s POV

You are my best friend

Lessons in the Rain
Pairing: Yoochun x female oc
Length: one shot; drabble?
Genre: het
Rating: R?
A/N: dedicated to all those who fantasize about Yoochun as a college professor.

Pairing: Yoochun x Lia
Length: one shot
Genre: het, Greek Mythology
Rating: pg 13
Dedicated to [info]lialuvchun as suggested by [info]missvue09
Summary: A God of the East comes to the Temple of Aphrodite


Pairing: Yoochun x female oc
Length: 12 chapters
Genre: het, angst, fantasy
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Summary: Sort of an ancient Roman story.

1 // The Slave Dancer, The Prequel // Secrets and Revelations // Jasmine and Sandalwood // Reunion // The Party // Kings for an Evening // Farewell my Friends // Untitled // Holding Hands // War // The End

Pairings: Yoochun x OC, some ot3 to follow (Yoosumin)
Length: 15 chapters
Rating: PG for now
Summary: Think Ridley Scott's The Duellists; 19th century Napoleonic setting.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 The Battle // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9 // Chapter 10 // Chapter 11 // Chapter 12 // Chapter 13 // Chapter 14 // Chapter 15 Final

Between the Dark and the Light are Shades of Gray
Pairings: Yoochun x Ga In, Narsha x Ga In, Yoosumin
Length: 5 chapteres
Genre: supernatural, medieval Korea, angst, forbidden love, het, girlxgirl, boyxboy
Rating: pg for first chapter
Warning: character death, incest

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5

Pairing: Yoochun x OC
Length: 3 parts
Genre: horror, angst, smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: rape, violence, gore

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 Conclusion

Pairings: Yoochun x OC
Length: 3 parts
Genre: smut, AU, Fantasy, Angst
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe

Warnings: I’ve never done anything like this before. Hopefully no one is offended by this. I don’t know why I am writing this; it came to me in a dream and I was rather disturbed. Sometimes I just have to write this stuff down. Because of the graphic nature of this story, I have created what I think is a new “genre.” I could be wrong. Henceforth, I shall call this “Mythical Bestiality.”

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 Conclusion

Pairing: Yoochun x OC
Length: 7 parts
Genre: smut, het, angst
Rating: NC-17
Summary: True feelings should not be hidden in the dark.

Warning: I cried while writing this. If you are really sensitive, have some tissues ready.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 Wretched Beauty // Chapter 3 Forgiveness // Chapter 4 A New Beginning // Chapter 5 Precious Metal // Chapter 6 Happy Birthday // Chapter 7 Lonely Days, Lonely Nights

P.R.O.U.D.: From the Depths of Hell
Pairing: Yoochun x Lilith, Yoosu
Length: hiatus
Genre: smut, angst, fantasy, AU
Rating: NC-17 overall
Summary: This is a prequel to P.R.O.U.D.; how Lilith met Yoochun etc. There will be a sequel, as well. If you have not read P.R.O.U.D., I suggest you do so or you may be confused.

Warning: This is going to be gritty and dark; mostly Lilith and Yoochun; Junsu is a secondary character to some extent. I will be using some literary license and retelling the story more or less with Lilith as the main character. I probably will only be posting it here, as I don't think there will be enough Yoochun x Junsu for the Yoosu community. I hope you will give this a chance and if you read it, please let me know what you think of it. I've wanted to write this for a long time. Thanks.

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 //

Pairing: Yoochun x female oc
Length: hiatus
Genre: het, smut, steam punk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: U.S. Secret Service Agent Penelope Albright is having a hard time bringing Park Yoochun, the notorious undersea pirate to justice

Part 1 // Part 2 Penny for Your Thoughts // Part 3 God Bless America // Part 4 Indecent Behavior

A Special Friendship
Please, Hyung

Yunjae for Julili
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