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Yoochun and Noona )

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This is my first fanfic...be gentle...here's the teaser...the real naughty stuff to follow.

The young woman finished washing the dishes and hastily removed her apron.
"I'm done," she called out loud, but received no response.
"Where the hell is he?" she asked herself.
As she walked into the living room she tripped over something.  It was a pair of men's shoes.  Shoes, but no socks.
"So it's true," she smiled to herself.  "But where is the rest of him?"
She froze in her tracks.
"Oh shit," he's in the bedroom.  The young woman panicked.
"What the hell is he doing there?  Is he raiding my closets?  Is he looking at my panties?"
Cautiously she made her way across the living room floor.  Slowly, she opened the bedroom door.
Her dinner guest lay on top of her bed, his long legs crossed over each other.  Smiling at her, he wiggled his toes like a little boy.
He had propped himself up on her pillows, like a God on his heavenly throne.  One arm was stretched behind his head, a patch of dark underarm hair peeking out through his short sleeve shirt.
She giggled uncontrollably, which made him furrow his brow.   His other hand traced rivulets on the satin sheets.  He patted the bed as if he was calling his pet.  She folded her arms across her chest.
"Does he think that I'm his dog?" she asked herself.
Cracking another smile he beckoned her.
"C'mere baby," he called out in his broken English.
The young woman walked up  to the bed and sat next to him.
"This is MY bed, you know," she said scolding him.
"It's OUR bed now, baby......."

.....to be continued.....


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