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Title: P.R.O.U.D. From the depths of Hell, Chapter 4
Author: onthethruway01
Genre: het, horror, fantasy, angst
Length: Chapter 4 of ?
Rating: pg for angst?
Pairing: Yoochun x female oc

A/N: As promised, I am picking up where I left off with the prequel to P.R.O.U.D.  Please read that fic before reading this one or you will be really confused.  This is the origin and back story of how Yoochun met Lilith; there is very little Yoosu in this story. Please go to my master fic list for links to the original story.

Lilith hugged her knees; bat-like wings wrapped around her slender frame.  The daughter of Satan rocked back and forth; tears streaming from her eyes.

“Why?” she cried out in desperation.  “Why did he do it?”

She wiped her nose and sniffled.  

Lilith was mortified; she awoke to the realization that Yoochun had violated her while she slept.

“Men do strange things when they are...”

The old granny’s words were interrupted by Satan’s daughter.

“What,” she asked?

The old granny looked away from her charge as she removed the bandages from the wounded fighter’s body.  She dare not tell the girl that her love was slipping away from her.  The old female had hoped her medicines would heal the pit fiend; but now only a miracle could save him.

Miracles did not happen in Hell.

She gingerly washed the young demon’s body; he moaned in pain as she applied her healing ointment to the great gash in his side.

“Clean yourself up child,” she told Satan’s daughter; the girl reluctantly leaving her lover’s side.  

Lilith lumbered out the entrance of the small dwelling.  Satan’s daughter wandered without purpose, it seemed, until she strayed deep into the catacombs.  She was drawn to a hissing sound, like steam escaping from a crevice.   There, she happened upon a small hot spring; a secluded subterranean pool of warm, clean water.  Sliding through the narrow passage she gazed in wonderment.  She shed her simple garment and waded into the warm pool, but the soothing waters gave her little respite;  as she sank into the hot spring she wept uncontrollably for her wounded love.

“You know,” the old granny told Toad as she placed warm furs over Yoochun’s body,” this situation would be rectified if the boy would bond with milady.  Her blood would fortify him.”

The old trainer shook his head as he took a deep gulp of ale.

“He’s stubborn.  Even in his fevered state he wouldn’t be fooled into doing it.”

Toad put another log on the fire and poured the old granny a drink.  

“Is there nothing we can do?”

The old granny sighed.

“Don’t tell anyone I said this but,” she leaned into the male and whispered,” we could pray.”

Toad’s eyes grew wide.

“That’s blasphemy!”

The old granny grinned.  She took a swig of her ale and wiped her mouth.

“Do you have a better idea?’

Toad sighed deeply.

“You know,” he told the old granny,” I admit that whenever Yoochun enters the ring, I pray just a little.”

The granny interrupted him.

“Ah, but to whom do you pray,” she asked?”

The toad wrinkled his brow.

“I don’t know.  I just pray.”

The two looked at each other and laughed.  

“Well,” the old woman said while raising her glass,” here’s to sacrilege and blasphemy.”

They clinked their mugs together and took another swig.  The noise awoke the wounded fighter who cried out in the dark.

“Lilith,” Yoochun called the girl’s name.

“Hush now,” the granny whispered while wiping his brow, “don’t worry about her.  She’s fine.”

But Lilith was far from fine...

Screams echoed inside the cavern; screams that fell on deaf ears.  The demon Lilith raked her claws against the ancient walls in frustration.  Her love was dying and she was powerless to do anything about it.

Without a second thought, she cut herself across her arm; blood seeping through the wound.  She fell to her knees and ignored the pain; crawling like the beast she was back into the soothing waters.  The sting was momentary; taking a deep breath she climbed out of the pool and dressed herself.  She didn’t get very far when she came to a sudden stop.  Satan’s daughter stretched her arms in front of herself and gasped.

The cut was gone.

Lilith trembled; not in fear, but in excitement.  She ran back to Yoochun’s hovel and blurted out to her companions.

“Come with me,” she ordered them.  “Bring a drinking pouch.”

The old granny nodded at Toad who grabbed a small, empty wine skin.  He followed the girl through the back alleys until she found the hot spring.

“You bathed here?” Toad asked her.  The entrance was so small, he could not go inside.

“I can’t fit,” he told her as she slithered through the entrance.

Lilith grabbed the pouch and returned when it was filled.

“What’s this all about?”

Lilith was all smiles.

“It’s the answer to all our prayers.”

Toad looked at her with fear in his eyes.

“You too?”

Satan’s daughter grinned.

“Don’t tell anyone,”

Toad nodded his head.

“Your secret is safe with me, milady.”

As they returned to Yoochun’s dwelling, Lilith took a deep breath.  Silently she walked over to the wounded fighter and lifted his head.

“Drink, my love,” she told him as she slowly poured the water into his mouth.  

He coughed and frowned.

“It’s warm,” he whispered as she nodded.

“Undo the bandages Granny,”

The old woman untied the linens wrapped around Yoochun’s slender form.  Lilith dribbled the water onto the wound; Yoochun hissing and burying his face in the girls neck.

The three watched with wonder as the gash began to heal before their eyes.

“Magic,” the old woman spoke; her voice full of fear.

“It’s a miracle,” Toad whispered, then placed his hands over his mouth lest anyone hear.

They stared at each other in disbelief.

“Where did this water come from?”

Lilith swallowed hard.

“I was heading toward a public bath house to get clean as you told me, but I was drawn elsewhere.  It was a tiny entrance.  I felt the steam coming through.  I slipped in and found a hot spring.  I just wanted to be alone.”

The granny nodded her head.  

“This is magical water with healing properties.  I’ve heard about such things.  But I only thought they existed on the surface world.  Perhaps a small rift opened and the water has been trickling through for ages.  This is truly wondrous.”

They turned to Yoochun who slept comfortably beneath his covers.

The granny pointed a bony finger at Toad and Lilith.

“We must keep this place a secret.  Madness will ensue if it were to be discovered.  Magic water and an entrance to the surface world!  Imagine the chaos!  We must keep it hidden.”

More of the water was poured on Yoochun’s side.  They watched again in wonderment as the deep cut seemed to shrink before their eyes.

“This was destiny, my girl.  Your love for this boy lead you to the cure.  I firmly believe it.”

Tears welled in the girl's eyes.

The granny continued to pour the water on Yoochun’s wound.

“I’ll mix this with a broth.  It will help him heal from the inside as well.”

That night they drank and feasted; swearing allegiance to each other, they vowed never to speak of the magic elixir and the rift to the surface world.  

But deep down inside them, though they would never admit it, they feared the cave would be discovered, and that one day, all Hell would break loose...

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