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Title: P.R.O.U.D. From the Depths of Hell Chapter 10, The ties that bind

Author: onthethruway01

Genre: This chapter:  het, horror, angst, fantasy

Pairing:  Yoochun x female oc

Length 10 of ?

Rating: pg for mild gore, angst

A/N: This is a retelling of P.R.O.U.D; mostly from the perspective of Lilith, the half-angel, half-demon child of Satan and her pursuit of Yoochun, the pit fiend who fights as a gladiator in the arena. If you are new to my fics, you need to read the original P.R.O.U.D. ; it’s under my master fic list.  I have taken a few liberties with the retelling of the story.

Summary: Yoochun has defied Satan; now he must pay the price.

The guards snoozed, unaware of her presence.  They had drunk heavily that night, and thanks to a powder that was sprinkled in their wine, they would not wake up any time soon.  Ordinarily, Lilith would be proud of her cunning, but beneath her hooded cloak, Satan’s daughter wore a face of fear, for her love was in mortal peril.  He had defied his master’s orders and failed to bring an angel to be questioned, although most likely, the creature would have been tortured and killed.

Instead, Yoochun had been bewitched; the pit fiend had been enchanted by the angel’s beauty and intoxicated by it’s poisonous blood. Now he received the punishment that would have been reserved for the celestial being.

Quietly, Lilith lifted the keys from the Captain of the Guard and opened the heavy oak door to Yoochun’s cell.  She dropped the keys in horror as she beheld her beloved.

The pit fiend was hung from the ceiling like a piece of meat; suspended by hooks which dug into  his back, his wings were pinned like a butterfly on display, and his hands and feet were bound by chains.  His head hung low; long, raven hair falling over his face.

The gladiator made no sound; all was as silent as the grave.

The girl staggered forward, hands reaching out to touch her love.

His body shuddered.

“Shh,” she whispered as she took a small vial from her pouch.

Forcing him to drink it, he coughed violently; her hand upon his mouth stifling his agonizing screams.  His tremors subsided as the drug began to work.  His body numbed and he drifted into unconsciousness.

Gingerly, with tear filled eyes, the girl set about the task of freeing her love.  She trembled; tiny hands struggling to free Yoochun from his bonds.  Frustrated, she fell to the floor and wept.  A sound from outside the cell alerted her and she jumped to her feet.  Two cloaked figures approached, and her heart sank.

A familiar voice whispered from beneath a tattered hood.

“You always were a foolish child.”

Lilith sighed deeply as the old granny entered the room along with Toad, Yoochun’s adopted father.

“Granny, what are you doing here?”

The old woman hugged the girl tightly.

“I knew you would try something foolhardy, that’s why I brought the Toad.  I figured if you were going to do something stupid, we might as well all being involved.”

The Toad swallowed hard; rage building up inside him.  The girl clung to the old female as she watched Toad’s body tense, his fists tightening into a ball.  The older male resisted the urge to punch a hole in the cell wall.  His shoulders relaxed and he took a deep breath.

“Don’t let her watch,” he told the old granny who escorted Lilith outside the cell.

“Stand guard dearie.  Toad and I will take care of your love.”

Lilith nodded her head and stood beneath the entrance to the dungeon; ever vigilant she would warn the others if someone approached.  The granny ran back into the cell; she winced as she watched Toad pull the hooks from his son’s body.  Despite her age, the old female helped him; holding the younger male so he wouldn’t fall to the floor; the risk of him tearing his wings as he fell was too great.  Toad gritted his teeth as he unpinned Yoochun’s wings, taking great care to do as little damage as possible.  He aided the granny and placed him gently on the floor.

“We must act swiftly,” she told them as they unchained his hands and feet.

With great speed they bound his wounds; he would need proper treatment, but at that moment, they were in too much of a hurry.  The Toad removed his cloak and wrapped it around his son’s slender frame.

A groan escaped the fighter’s lips as the sleeping potion began to wear off.


The Toad lifted Yoochun slowly to his feet and pulled the hood over his head.

“Quiet now,” he told him.

Yoochun wrapped his arms around Toad’s shoulders and attempted to walk.

“Idiots,” he whispered through gritted teeth. “You’ll all be killed.”

The granny cackled.

“Yes; we are all rats on a sinking ship.”

Yoochun looked up at the stairs which led to his freedom and shook his head.

“I can’t make it.”

“Carry him,” a feminine voice spoke from beneath silken robes.

“Lilith?  You stupid girl.  Did you really think your father would let you rescue me?”

The half-breed managed to crack a smile.

“Who said this was a rescue?”

Yoochun and his father looked at her with a puzzled look.

“Where could we hide from the eyes of Satan?  Nowhere!  We’re not running away.  We are going to confront him!”

The two males stared at each other, confusion evidenced on their faces.

“You’re mad,” the pit fiend told her.

Lilith climbed the stairs and mumbled under her breath.

“Yes, I am...”

The best word to describe the situation was pandemonium.  Satan’s throne room was filled with shouting and the clanking of spears as armed guards stopped them from approaching the dais.  The Prince of Darkness stood up abruptly as the commotion disturbed him.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Lilith removed her cloak and the crowd gasped.

“You have defied me once again child,” he exclaimed with a booming voice.  “I should string you up with the rest of these miscreants.”

Satan’s daughter held her head up high.

“I think not, father,” she so boldly proclaimed.

Satan narrowed his eyes at the granny and Toad; neither demon bowing with respect.  They were too busy keep Yoochun from falling to the floor.

“Blood is not thicker than water child; don’t think for a moment that I wouldn’t sacrifice you and your cohorts to the flames.”

Lilith boldly approached her sire and whispered in his ear.

The nobles of the court grew silent in hopes that they would be privy to Lilith’s secret.

When she had finished, she backed away silently, waiting for her father to reply.

Satan’s rumbling laughter filled the hall.

“Away with you,” he motioned with his hand.  “Out of my sight before I change my mind.”

Lilith bowed deeply to the Lord of the Flies and proudly led her partner’s in crime down the hall.

“Did you tell him?” the granny asked.

The Toad raised an eyebrow.

“Tell him what?”

Lilith grinned.

“Why, the truth, of course.”

She stopped in front of her quarters and she opened the door.

The Toad gently lifted Yoochun onto the bed.

“And what, pray tell Milady, is the truth of which you speak?”

The two females looked at each other and laughed.

“Congratulations, you old goat,” the granny answered.  “You’re going to be a grandfather!”

...to be continued...

Next chapter: Blood Bond

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