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Title: Runner: Chapter 8, Close your eyes and sleep

Author: onthethruway01

Length: chaptered

Rating: pg-13

Pairings: hints of Jaechun, Yunjae

Genre: AU ( another place and time), friendship, angst

A/N: AAAANNNNNGGGGSSSSSTTTT!!!!!! and just a teeny bit of smut ‘cause I felt like it.

Summary: 5 young men dream of growing up together and being friends forever, but wishes don’t always come true.

“Close your eyes and sleep,” he told the boy as he held his hand.

The soldier was young; they were all young.

The soldier shivered; breathing harsh and labored.  His time was up; eyes fluttered closed as the man beside him sang a sweet tune.

All eyes were upon him; they stopped and listened as an impossibly beautiful voice escaped the lips of the man with an equally impossible, beautiful face.

The wounded soldier smiled; a single tear falling down his cheek.

“Thank you,” he managed to whisper, then spoke no more.

The silence was deafening as the sheet was drawn over the boys lifeless body, the older man still holding his hand.

“Jaejoong,” someone called his name, but he did not answer.

“Jae,” a hand touched his shoulder and he flinched.

The medic looked up into the eyes of his friend and nodded.  He struggled for a moment; the dead boys hand still tightly gripped to his own.

“I’m sorry,” Junsu told him.

Jaejoong acknowledged the doctor with another nod.  He walked away in silence, too numb to speak.  Junsu did not follow after; he was still on duty.  He shook his head, sighed, and went back to saving lives.

The medic staggered outside; like a zombie he seemed to shamble aimlessly; his feet dragging, shoulders hunched.  He grabbed a hold of a post to keep from falling.  He fumbled in his pocket for a cigarette; fingers trembling as he tried to strike a match.

“Need a light,” a deep, raspy voice interrupted him.

Yoochun lit Jae’s cigarette and proceeded to light his own.

The medic looked at his friend.  The runner was was filthy; dirt and caked mud from the trenches covered him from head to toe.

“What happened to you?”

Yoochun took a deep inhale of his cigarette; Jae’s eyes straying from the runner’s slender fingers to fixate upon his full lips.

“Damn it,” the medic cursed under his breath; he had to remind himself that this was not the time or place to let his imagination run wild.

He struggled with his feelings for Yoochun, his soulmate; struggled with the images in his head.  He loved all his friends; loved them too much; especially him.  He kept his feelings to himself, but the others knew; knew there was something different.  They were all close; but Jae wanted to get closer; he wanted more.

“What did you say?”

Yoochun’s voice broke the spell.

“You’re soaked in mud.”

The runner flashed a bright smile and Jae felt his heart flutter.

“Oh it’s a bit messy out there, that’s all.”

They finished their smokes; Jae still quiet; turning his head away from his friend to hide the flush in his cheeks.

“Well I’m off,” Yoochun said as he made his way across the compound.

Jae followed after like a puppy dog until he caught up.  Yoochun stopped briefly at the commissary to pick up a fresh uniform.  He continued on his merry way, Jae trailing after.

“Where are you going?” Jae asked, his mood uplifted by the presence of his jovial friend.


Jaejoong stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?”

The medic bit his lower lip.


“Well, come on then.”

They resumed their trek to the showers; Yoochun smiling and chatting up his friend.  He could sense Jaejoong’s melancholy;  knew that the medic was having a rough time.  He had seen Jae in action in the trenches; patching up the boys and helping them to get back to the hospital.  He had also seen the pain on the older man’s face as he struggled in the field; how he took it personally when a soldier died despite all his efforts.  Yoochun would do anything to uplift his friends spirits; anything within his power.

As they stood in the shower, Jae could feel his body heat rising.  He stood nervously as he watched Yoochun undo the buttons of his tunic. He glanced quickly at the runner whose slender body was so different than his own.  His thoughts turned to Yunho; their former leader was so strong and masculine.  Yoochun was like a reed in the wind; tall, yet fragile, his build almost feminine.

Jaejoong twiddled his thumbs nervously as Yoochun stood naked before him.  He tried to avert his eyes, but he couldn’t help himself; staring intensly as the soapy water cascaded down Yoochuns’ slender form.

“Pervert,” the runner scolded him jokingly.

The medic hung his head in shame; handing his friend a towel he made excuses for his obvious stares.

“You told me to come along.”

Jae continued to watch as the runner dried himself off.  No longer able to control himself, Jaejoong wrapped his arms around his friend.  Yoochun staggered; back against the wall.  He dropped the towel; Jaejoong’s body pressed against his own.

The older man whispered to his junior.

“I’m sorry. Please; I’m so sorry.”

The runner shivered as his ear was nibbled on; throat nuzzled; a moan escaping Jaejoong’s lips.

“Damn it, Jae,” the runner gasped as hands moved down his torso; fingers exploring, teasing, stroking.

He’d do anything for his friend, he reminded himself, but how far was he willing to go?

“I’m not Yunho,” he growled at Jae, but the medic didn’t listen.

Yunho wasn’t there, but Yoochun was, and Yoochun was what he wanted and needed right now.

Yoochun’s heart leaped in his chest as Jae’s lips pressed against his.  The runner closed his eyes and despite the danger of being caught, he opened his mouth and welcomed the kiss.

It was warm, soft, then sticky.

It was good.

“Fuck you,” he cursed himself; Jaejoong had always made him question his sexuality, but he never acted upon it.  When his thoughts strayed he would find himself a girl to bring him back.

“Stop it,” he ordered his friend when he was released from the kiss. “That’s enough.”

Yoochun shot an angry glance at the medic.  He began to dress himself; doing the best to regain his composure.

“You need a shower more than I do.”

Jae nodded his head.

“I’m sorry.”

Yoochun rolled his eyes.

“Does he know how you feel? have you told him?  I can get another message to him.  Write a letter and I’ll have the Chinese agents deliver it.”

Yoochun finished dressing.  He straightened his tie and then pointed a finger at the medic.

“Don’t talk to anyone about this, not even Junsu.  I’ve got a date with Dara so I’m leaving.  Don’t do anything stupid.  Try not to get drunk, if that’s possible, or if you have to, stay in your tent.  Write the letter and I’ll make sure the agents get it across the lines.”

The medic reluctantly parted ways with the runner, his friend watching until he reached his tent. Yoochun tried not to think about the near sexual encounter with Jaejoong, but the damage was done.  He did his best to ignore the painful erection he now had as he hobbled through the gates, anticipating the ensuing vigorous romp with his delightful country girl.

Jaejoong gulped the soju as if it was water.  Alone in his tent, he lit a lamp, then neatly placed a piece of paper before him.  He held his pen lightly, but firmly in his hand.  Staring off into space for an instant, he took a deep breath.  Bringing pen to parchment, he began to write.

“Dear Yunho…”

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