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Title: Runner: Chapter 9, Once more

Author: onthethruway01

Length: chaptered

Rating: pg-13

Pairings: Yoochun x Dara

Genre: AU ( another place and time), friendship, angst

Summary: 5 young men dream of growing up together and being friends forever, but wishes don’t always come true.

She clung to him; shivering in the cold morning air, the smell of hay and horses filling her nostrils. He was so warm; body like a blanket that gave off comforting heat.  Alone in the barn they huddled together; the handsome officer and the pretty farmer’s daughter; two souls thrown together by the outbreak of war.

They had met by chance; the soldier wandering through the village streets on market day; the girl selling fresh fruit and vegetables grown on her farm.  Their eyes met; locked on to each other like a gun to a target. It was love at first sight, he had told his friends.  They laughed at him; it was always love at first site for their Chunnie.  But this time it was different, he swore to them; this time it was real.  They encouraged him, but worried for the girl.  Would he still “love” her when the war was over, or would he break her heart?

Dara was no simpleton.  She knew all too well of soldier’s and their girls.  She would not cling to false hope.  If he left her, she would be sad, but she would understand it.  It would be nothing short of a miracle if he would bring her home to meet his family.  Dara tried not to think too hard about it.  She lived for the moment.  Knowing that he was with her now was good enough.

Inhaling deeply, she breathed in his scent; woodsy with a hint of musk; she nuzzled his throat and he stirred.

“Dara,” he moaned her name; the girl responding by licking the sweat from his neck.

“Damn it girl,” He cursed in his deep voice made even raspier by dryness in his throat.

He was allergic to the hay, but it was the safest place for them to meet in the middle of the night.  Her father did not suspect a thing, or so he hoped.

“It’s time to get up.”

He exhaled deeply; breath trailing out in the morning air.

“You cried out last night,” she whispered in his ear.

He panicked; wondering if he had called out for another woman.

Yoochun ran his fingers nervously through his hair.

“What did I say?”

Dara frowned and he bit his lower lip.

“You frightened me.  You were twisting and turning.  It must have been an awful dream.  I held you tight until you calmed down.”

Yoochun nodded.  He must of dreamt about the tunnel; his greatest fear was it collapsing upon him, burying him alive.  He often had this dream; Junsu and Jaejoong had witnessed it as well; they too would hold him and give him comfort until his tremors ceased.  The bullets and bombs did not phase him; but the tunnel did.  It was a strange fear for a runner to have.  He had volunteered for the job, and he would not shrink from his duty.  But the confined space and near darkness of the tunnel was his his own personal Hell, and he feared that one day it would be his tomb.

The runner nodded his head.

“It’s ok,” he reassured his lover.  “I’m fine.”

He smiled at her and she responded in kind.

“Sweet Dara,” he spoke softly, “ you look so lovely all covered in hay,”

Slender fingers grasped her hair.  He brought her into him and kissed her deeply. Dara shuddered and welcomed his lips; full and thick, they were warm and inviting.  She melted into him; crushing her mouth into his; tongues dancing, searching, penetrating.

“Once more,” he gasped, as her fingers undid his pants.

“Once more,” she mimicked him as she lifted her dress and impaled herself upon him.

He groaned as she rode him; his hands around her waist aiding her in this pleasurable task.  She arched her back and nearly fell over; strong arms catching her, she leaned into him as he took control.  His hips pushed upwards deep and  hard inside her; she bit his neck in response;  her fist tightly gripping his shirt .    He growled in protest, but soon forgave her as her insides clenched around his girth. Fingers dug into his flesh; scratches trailed across his skin as she made her mark upon him.  Yoochun hissed and narrowed his dark eyes at her.  She licked her lips and stared him down; her beauty making his heart lurch in his chest. He grit his teeth to silence his own cries; finishing her off with one last angry thrust.

It was over too soon, but the sun was beginning to shine through the rafters of the barn.

“Hurry my love,” she pushed him out the back way as footsteps could be heard.

He had lingered too long, and they would be caught.

“Dara,” her father’s voice called out.  “Your soldier boy will be late getting back.”

The two lovers froze.

“I’ll give the young man a lift.”

Dara and Yoochun slowly made their way out of the barn where they were confronted by the girl’s father, a stout fellow in his early fifties.

“Well this is awkward,” Yoochun mumbled under his breath.

Dara looked as if she was going to cry.

“Sir,” Yoochun began to speak, but the older man waved his hand.

“Save it,” he said; “I’ve heard it all before.”

Yoochun looked at his lover.

“But, I thought I was your first.”

Dara blushed.

“You’re not the first to try, but you were the first to succeed.”

The runner looked at the older man who was busy hitching his horse to his wagon.

“Come lieutenant, I’ll take you back to the bivouac.  We can have a nice chat along the way.”

Swallowing hard, Yoochun joined the farmer on his cart.  As they rode off he looked back at Dara who blew him a kiss.  Yoochun straightened his tie, then gripped the sides of the cart as the horse took off at a pleasant pace.

“Now young man, let’s discuss your relationship with my Dara.”

Yoochun sighed deeply and whispered under his breath.

“Oh boy…”

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