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Just want to say that if I've been kind of quiet here it's because of several reasons.  To remind you that last year and this year has been pretty shitty. My dad died, I lost my job and my daughter's problems haven't gotten any better.  I've gained weight and I'm not happy with myself.  On the 4th of July, instead of enjoying ourselves my mom in law ridiculed us for not taking care of my daughter's problems and told us that if we didn't get her straightened out, that the only people she'd be able to communicate with is "white trash."

So you see my life is a mess so I sometimes forget to wish you guys well or wish you a happy birthday when it pops up on my home page.

I'm still here posting pics, gifs, art and fics. I've also rejoined omonatheydidn't.  You can follow me on twitter and tumblr if you wish, I seem to be there most often.  Just send me a pm for the url's.

I hope you and your friends and loved ones are well.

Feel free to pop in and say hello.

*hugs and kisses*
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OMG the temp agency I'm registered with says Freedom Mortgage has openings. I'm laughing so hard now. I wonder if they would take me back or if i should even bother.

In the meantime,

Big trouble
The cardiologist won’t see me without health insurance; I would have to pay up front and it’s astronomical, around 350 bucks I think. They are telling me to try the clinic at RWJ for charity care. I’m kind of pissed off because in April, I spoke with the doctor’s assistant and she said it would be ok, that I could pay the medicare price of 150. But I guess things have changed. Also, I can’t get the blood work done because I owe them money in addition to what the new blood work would cost.
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I survived unscathed, although we had some power issues and my neighbors fence has taken up residence in my back yard.

In addition to that, my neighbors were at it again; this time around 6 am this morning; screaming and cursing as usual. Scott has decided that enough is enough. He's moving his big speakers upstairs and every time they start up again, he's going to blast Ride of the Valkyries.

I went to bed early last night because I was going to work for a few hours today.  I guess the neighbors screaming at 6 am started the whole thing.  I planned on updating my fic but I guess I’ll postpone that until tomorrow; going to play Pathfinder this evening.  I’ve also got a cool idea for a youtube video and I really should draw.  Maybe I need more coffee…

I'm looking forward to Yoochun's new drama, but I got a sneaking suspicion it's going to end in tragedy.

By the way, I've actually got a plan for The Unholy Trio.  I plotted out everything, so I actually know where it's going.  I want to thank you all for sticking with me and this insane fan fic.  It's been a rotten year, and writing was difficult.

Thanks for hanging in there.

Hey guys!

Oct. 31st, 2012 08:45 pm
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My power is back.

I'm safe

Oct. 30th, 2012 08:55 pm
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No power; at a friends house using his electricity.  New Jersey is a disaster; the shore has sustained severe damage.  It was really rough and it may be a long time before it's rebuilt.

Thank you!

Aug. 3rd, 2012 10:01 am
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Today is my birthday and I just want to say thanks to all of you for being there for me.
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I hope you will hang in there with me.  

My dad is sick and my job is so bad I'm afraid I may snap and punch somebody in the face.

 Today my seat was moved AGAIN and my manager yelled at me in front of my co-workers.

 I really understand why people go postal.

 My fan art, writing and Yoochun spazzing are my stress relief.

 I know "Trio" is confusing some of you right now; hang in there;  like Yoochun's tweets, my writing can seem cryptic and make little sense.  It's just the way my brain works.  Sometimes I have daydreams or dreams at night and they become my fics.

 Try and hang in there.  I promise all of my musings and weirdness will make sense in the end.  

I love you all.  Thanks for being my friends and reading my fics.  In all seriousness, you guys are what keep me going.  I would be lost without you.

Hugs and kisses.
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I'm grateful for all my friends here on LJ.  Thank you.  I just have a small, simple request.  I know that some people tend to be "silent" readers, but I really appreciate comments.  My everyday life is so boring and filled with folks who think I'm odd and who have very little respect for me.  It's so hard being a K Pop fan and not being Korean.  I'm sure that many of you feel the same.  It's even harder when you are an adult that's married and has a kid.

So all I ask is that if you read my fics or look at my art, please leave a brief comment.  I will try my best to do the same for all of you.

I hope you are all healthy, happy and safe and that you are doing well in school, your jobs and your daily lives.

Thanks again guys, you are great!
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I owe you some fic updates, but to be honest I'm in a bit of a slump. My daughter had some problems which needed to be addressed and I am having increasing problems with my neck and back. I'm working on getting my house and my life in order. I promise I'll update stuff for you soon.

Hang in there.
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Urgent Opinion needed please. I'm applying for jobs and I found a group that is looking for tutors. Should I send them my resume showing my graduate degrees or just the one with my Bachelors? Thanks!
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Thank you everyone for your well wishes.

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In a recent interview, Yoochun said that any one older than 35 couldn't be called a "Noona" anymore. So, it's official; I am an ajumma. To make matters even worse, I am three years older than Yoochun's mother. FML.

But; age is just a number; thankfully I have the enthusiasm and fan girl attitude of an adolescent girl, and not a 49 year old woman. And I feel pretty good because there is a 26 year old guy I know who thinks I am the sexiest thing since since sliced bread. Too bad he's not Asian. Maybe I'll call for Chinese food one day this week while Scott is away and seduce the hot delivery guy. JK JK.

Anyway, I may be old, but I'm still sexy and I refuse to grow up any time soon. You'll have to drag me kicking and screaming into old age. i will fight it all the way.

Here's some silly pics of me for my new friends to get an idea of what i'm like. Enjoy, and keep on keeping on!
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