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If you have recently followed me, and I haven't followed you back, please send me a private message.  I am very wary about folks who friend me, but I can't message them or their journals are blank.  Just drop me a quick note; either a pm or on my master fic list.  My live journal is 99% for my K Pop related hobby which are my drawings, other pictures ( gifs, macros, and edits).  It is the blog where I post my K Pop ( 99% DBSK/JYJ) NSFW fan fictions.

So if you are following me and you are NOT a fan of Korean Pop Music, you may be confused and or offended by some of the things I post here.

I'm not trying to be mean, but if your profile is a mystery or a blank and you haven't come to me through a mutual friend or my master fic list, I'm going to be suspicious.


PS: I know some folks approached me to read my fics and  I added you.  It would be nice if after all that you left a comment.  I know I have silent readers, every author does.  Some folks might be too shy to say something, others may have decided they don't like what i write.  But it would be nice if even the smallest comment was left.

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Don't know if this works; seriously sexy gifs.
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More Gifs

Oct. 9th, 2012 11:22 pm
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I usually put pics together to make a gif.  This is so much easier and cooler.

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BRB,  having a moment to myself...

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I'm a bit flustered ( not mad, just annoyed) to find that Deviant Art has removed about 6 of the macros I made, all of them from LAST year.  These pictures were found either on the Internet through a search, or from an Omona/LJ posting.  They are K-Pop related.  I just wrote some "funnies" on them and posted them on DA. 

Now, if I had been told a day or so after I posted them them that I needed permission, I would have removed them myself.  I don't want to step on anyones toes.  As a sort of artist myself, I respect peoples wishes.  I just would have preferred to know right away.

Maybe DA has a backlog?  Maybe the "owner" of the pics just found them?  But now I'm concerned that every day I log onto DA I'm going to find something else gone.

So, in order to protect myself and not piss anyone off, I will no longer be posting gifs/macros except for my friends here on LJ. 

Hopefully DA will not suspend me or something, after all, I've done lots of macros.  I suspect I will be finding more deletions soon.

I have most of them saved on photobucket, tiny pic and on my hard drive too, so I'm not that heartbroken.

I'm posting this open to everyone for a few reasons.

One, as a warning to folks who like to make macros and gifs, be sure you can use the pictures, and two, if I take one of your photos and use it, let me know if it's ok or not.  I will respect your wishes and either give you credit or remove the item.

Thanks people.  Have a good one.


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