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This year has been a really shitty one.  My job, for most of 2012, nearly sucked the life out of me.  My hubby and I don't often get along.  We have money problems, my daughter has adhd problems, my health sucks, and my father recently died.  For the most part, with a few exceptions, I have few friends irl.  As a grown up, I'm supposed to be responsible and respectable; a good wife, mother and a woman with a career.  I'm under lots of pressure.  Most folks irl don't understand my love for K Pop.  They think I'm weird and that I need "help."

Being a "fan girl" is not an easy job as you all know too well, and it's much worse when you are older.  I enjoy "spazzing" with the rest of you.  I love drawing fan art, making gifs, etc.  I especially love writing.  I really appreciate those of you who are my faithful followers and always read and comment.  It brightens my day and makes me feel less miserable.

I know that most fan girls don't care for het, so when you tell me you like it, that's really saying something and makes me feel special.

The Unholy Trio is my "Magnum Opus" as it were.  Yes, it's long; and some of you have expressed your dismay that it's taking forever.  I'm not going to apologize.  This is the way it is.  I can't control the ideas that pop into my head.  Sometimes I write and post stuff that never receives comments.  I don't care.  Why?  Because I enjoy writing, even if it's for myself.  

Do you know there are nights that I can't sleep because plot bunnies, scenes and dialogue invade my brain?  Vivid images of hot, steamy sex scenes ( het and boys love) float through my mind; even when I'm at work.  It's maddening.

All I'm saying is, I hope that you understand why I do the things I do; why sometimes my fics are long, while others only a few chapters will suffice.  I hope that you will stick with The Unholy Trio to the very end, and that it won't disappoint you.

When it's over I may resume writing some of my lost fics that I never finished.  I'm also open to requests, as long as it's for a group I am familiar with.  I'll also take fan art requests and gif requests now that I know how to make them.

Once again, thank you for sticking with me like glue, I really appreciate it.
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I survived unscathed, although we had some power issues and my neighbors fence has taken up residence in my back yard.

In addition to that, my neighbors were at it again; this time around 6 am this morning; screaming and cursing as usual. Scott has decided that enough is enough. He's moving his big speakers upstairs and every time they start up again, he's going to blast Ride of the Valkyries.

I went to bed early last night because I was going to work for a few hours today.  I guess the neighbors screaming at 6 am started the whole thing.  I planned on updating my fic but I guess I’ll postpone that until tomorrow; going to play Pathfinder this evening.  I’ve also got a cool idea for a youtube video and I really should draw.  Maybe I need more coffee…

I'm looking forward to Yoochun's new drama, but I got a sneaking suspicion it's going to end in tragedy.

By the way, I've actually got a plan for The Unholy Trio.  I plotted out everything, so I actually know where it's going.  I want to thank you all for sticking with me and this insane fan fic.  It's been a rotten year, and writing was difficult.

Thanks for hanging in there.

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First off, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  My dad was buried on Friday and was given full military honors.  I have the flag and will display it proudly.

I tried the suggestions some of you gave me for using the link function to post my fics on other communities.  It seems to have worked.  Hopefully I did it right, and the mods of those communities don't have a problem with it.  

I promise I will update The Unholy Trio and possibly resurrect a few fics that were left in the air asap.

I will continue to draw and fool around with gimp and photo shop.

Here's my latest photo shop experiment.  Enjoy!


Sep. 14th, 2012 02:10 pm
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Just letting you all know that my dad passed away quietly and without any pain at around 3:45 this morning.


Sep. 12th, 2012 04:50 pm
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My dad is really bad.  I'll be home from work but in New York.  He doesn't have much time.  I'll be in touch.
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So today I told the call center manager about my situation; that my Dad has cancer and is very, very sick and that he lives on Long Island and I need to visit him on the weekends. I asked that I no longer have to work Saturdays (which, btw, was not part of my schedule when I was hired in February, but became mandatory AFTER I started working). He said, and I quote "when you get a better idea about the situation let me know." 
What part of "my father has cancer and is very, very sick" don't you understand?
*cue crickets chirping*

Good news

Jun. 3rd, 2012 02:18 pm
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My dad is ok and will be discharged from the hospital today.
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We're staying home.  He'll be in touch with us to let us know how he is doing.
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I drew this dragon for my hubby.

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I owe you some fic updates, but to be honest I'm in a bit of a slump. My daughter had some problems which needed to be addressed and I am having increasing problems with my neck and back. I'm working on getting my house and my life in order. I promise I'll update stuff for you soon.

Hang in there.


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