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Title: The Porcelain Treasure – Atonement

Author: onthethruway

Genre: smut, het, angst, supernatural

Length: chaptered fics / conclusion

Pairings: Yoosu, Yoomin, Yunjae, Yoochun x  Kahi (Gahee)

Rating: PG_13?

Warning: bloodshed

A/N – thanks everyone for reading; this is the last chapter.





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The Porcelain Treasure – the sequel part 7

Author: onthethruway

Genre: smut, het, supernatural, angst

Rating: nc-17

Pairings: Yoosumin, Yunjae, Yoochun x ?

Summary:  Yoochun’s memories of his past life as a prince are being revealed to him in his dreams.

Warning: explicit heterosexual scenes (sorry, it’s important for the story).





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Title: The Porcelain Treasure - The Sequel: Five are one

Author: onthethruway

Pairings: Yoosumin, Yunjae

Genre: suspense, supernatural, angst

Rating: pg-13?

Length: ongoing chapters

Summary: the five are determined to break the curse



determination )

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Title: The Porcelain Treasure - Book of Revelations
Author: Onthethruway
Genre; horror, angst
Pairings: Yoosumin, Yunjae
Length: Chaptered fics
Rating:: ? PG-13 for blood?

Summary: The porcelain doll's life hangs by a thread...

Oh the horror! )
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 Title:The Porcelain Treasure - Blood
Author:  Onthethruway01
Genre: horror, fantasy, smut, angst
Pairings: Yoosumin, Yunjae
Rating:  R?  PG 13? 
Length: chaptered
Summary:  Yoochun's nightmares have become reality.

bloody, scary and gruesome )
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Title:  The Porcelain Treasure:  Deadly Dreams

Author: onthethruway01

Genre: smut, fantasy, horror, angst, gore?

Rating: PG-13? Not sure

Pairings:  Yoosumin, Yunjae

Length: Chaptered

Summary:  Yoochun is a doll that came to life; but he’s not alone…..




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Title: The Porcelain Treasure - Rising Sun
Author: onthethruway01
Genre: smut
rating: pg
length - chaptered fics
Summary: Junsu is a businessman that likes to collect exotic toys.

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 Title: The Porcelain Treasure: Shattered Glass
Author: Onthethruway01
Pairings: Yoomin, Yoosu
Genre: angst, fantasy
Rating: ? pg
Summary: Junsu is a businessman that likes to collect exotic toys.

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Title: Christmas Present
Author: onthethruway
Pairings; Yoomin, hints of Jaechun, Yoosu
Genre: smut, angst, boy on boy
Rating: PG-13?
Warning: I do have a strong Yoomin bias
Summary:  Kim Junsu is a wealthy business man who likes to collect unusual toys.




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Title:  Porcelain Treasure/ Encased in glass
Author: Onthethruway
Rating: G
Genre: romance, angst, fantasy
Summary:  Kim Junsu, a rich business man, is a toy collector.

Encased in a large glass display case, the life sized doll at the local antique store was always the subject of debate.  It was unlike any other; so life like in appearance that many thought it was alive.  It's hair was black and looked as soft as silk.  It's eyes were always wide open; almond shaped and dark; staring through the glass box.  It's gaze was so intense, it sent shivers down your spine.

The doll was so exquisitely sculpted, one could not see any joints or seams.  It was as if it were made from one single piece of material;  as if carved by Michelangelo himself.

The nose was regal; cheek bones high; lips full and perfectly shaped.  The doll's skin color was pale; a perfect shade of porcelain.  When the light hit the display case, it illuminated a delicate set of collarbones.

But the most intriguing thing about the doll was it's mysterious nature.  Who made it?  Where did it come from?

The doll was dressed strangely too.  It looked as if it were wearing a dress; yet the figure of the doll seemed  androgynous.  It was hard to tell if the doll was male or female.

Everyone in the city thought that Kim Junsu, a local businessman with a pension for collecting unusual toys would have snatched up the doll by now, but business kept him from the small corner of the city where the doll was on display.

After hearing many tales of the true to life doll, Junsu decided to investigate it further.  His limo pulled up to the antique store and he stepped out.  Dressed in a fine Italian suit, the handsome young man who had gone from rags to riches overnight, stood at the storefront window and gazed in wonder at the sight before him.

The doll was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  He stared at it for many minutes; mesmerized by the craftsmanship and it's beauty.  As if in some sort of trance, Junsu could not look away from it's eyes; those dark, intriguing orbs that seemed to burn into his soul.  His cell phone ringing broke the spell.

"This is Junsu."

He took one last look at the doll before getting back into the limo and speeding off into the night.

There was a feeling.  What was it?  It started small, like a tap.  It grew stronger.  Movement.  Something was moving.  A contraction; a thud.  It made a sound.  Lub dub.  Lub dub.  It increased in speed and sound.  Louder; harder; faster.  Consciousness.  Awareness.  Pain.  The angry thud in it's body was agony.  Fear.  Signals were sent.  Nerve endings awakened.  Muscles, joints, skin.  Heat rising.  A voice spoke.

"Breathe," it said.  "Breathe."

Hands with their slender fingers flattened against the glass case.  Air filled the doll's lungs;  they expelled it in a great gasp.

It's breath fogged up the glass; the doll frantically wiping it away.  It looked out in desperation, but nobody was there.

Something wet fell from it's eyes and ran down it's porcelain skin.

The doll's full lips trembled as it uttered it's first word.



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