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Sitting here in the ac trying to draw Junsu but really guys, I feel like passing out.  Need to eat, take a  nap or both.  My hot water heater is still broken so I may have to take a cold shower and continue boiling water on the sink to wash dishes.  Life sucks right now, but I must soldier on.
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Just want to say that if I've been kind of quiet here it's because of several reasons.  To remind you that last year and this year has been pretty shitty. My dad died, I lost my job and my daughter's problems haven't gotten any better.  I've gained weight and I'm not happy with myself.  On the 4th of July, instead of enjoying ourselves my mom in law ridiculed us for not taking care of my daughter's problems and told us that if we didn't get her straightened out, that the only people she'd be able to communicate with is "white trash."

So you see my life is a mess so I sometimes forget to wish you guys well or wish you a happy birthday when it pops up on my home page.

I'm still here posting pics, gifs, art and fics. I've also rejoined omonatheydidn't.  You can follow me on twitter and tumblr if you wish, I seem to be there most often.  Just send me a pm for the url's.

I hope you and your friends and loved ones are well.

Feel free to pop in and say hello.

*hugs and kisses*
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OMG the temp agency I'm registered with says Freedom Mortgage has openings. I'm laughing so hard now. I wonder if they would take me back or if i should even bother.

In the meantime,

Big trouble
The cardiologist won’t see me without health insurance; I would have to pay up front and it’s astronomical, around 350 bucks I think. They are telling me to try the clinic at RWJ for charity care. I’m kind of pissed off because in April, I spoke with the doctor’s assistant and she said it would be ok, that I could pay the medicare price of 150. But I guess things have changed. Also, I can’t get the blood work done because I owe them money in addition to what the new blood work would cost.
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It's been a while since I posted a fic to a community.  Can someone remind me how to link my posts?  Thanks!


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